Plannin' and Trippin'

Yes, my honeymoon is long overdue.

Yes, my honeymoon is long overdue.

It is due to the facts that we got married on a school term and I do not have the luxury of applying leave as and when I want to except on those protected periods I am allowed to have holidays. I am not complaining.

I have been planning this trip meticulously down to a tee. I want this to be a perfect trip, especially for my husband as he will be seeing Europe for the first time. I want it to be wonderful and magical. I want Europe to grow on him the same way it did on me, so much so I can not get enough of it, especially Paris, there is just something about Paris that I cannot quite wrap my fingers around.

I know most of the places on the listed were places I have been, but those are places I have always told myself I want to see it with someone special, since I have been to those places with my family, it is only timely that I see it with him.

I cannot wait for this trip, my long awaited trip with my husband.