Hellogoodbye and Japan

 They are obssessed with Thomas and Friends I paid $13 for this shrimp curry Tokyo Tower standin...

 They are obssessed with Thomas and Friends

I paid $13 for this shrimp curry
Tokyo Tower standing taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Hachiko :(
 Skinhead slogan
Mt Fuji
Ueno station at the Shikansen gantry
GALA Yuzawa
After Google have cleverly linked all the accounts to one email address which I don't usually use, now I can't log into my suckedup.blogspot.com because why, I have totally forgotten my password to my gmail account and the only way I could access it was through the mobile app which is beyond friendly.

All in one breathe.

So now, this is the official blog address which I will start using from now on and this is by far the only social existence I have in the virtual world. I have deactivated my facebook account as I don't really see the need to have it and my twitter account is on hiatus for a really long time. Believe me when I say this, it feels real good to disappear from it all. Extremely liberating.


I have not updated anything about my Tokyo Trip in January. Literally no words can describe how lovely it went even though we actually missed our flight back to Singapore and had to seat on another flight instead. From the people, to the crowded places and to the beauty of what mother nature has in store for that unfortunate but lovely country. Tokyo, or rather Japan itself never fail to impress even for the second time albeit the trip have reduced me to brokeback mountain, it was all worth it.

It was only for 8 days and the main reason was to get my virgin encounter with snow, winter, skiing and getting all my buys of jackets from thrift stores and my Dr Matens out, as pathetic as this may sound. It was freezing as hell and the temperature went below zero degrees for most days on the trip which granted all my wishes.

Tokyo Disneyland was a major disappointment to me because I was waiting to go on crazy scary rides but all that were there are fantasy non-thrilling, no-adrenaline rush rides however, Tokyo DisneySea on the other hand was just perfect.